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M & H Homestead, LLC

We raise adorable KuneKune pigs and piglets, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. Come on in and learn more about what we do.

Welcome to M & H Homestead

About Our Farm

Learn more about our Farm, Family, and animals.

Our Herd

See our KuneKune Herd - boars & gilts/ sow to learn more.

Sales Barn

See what is available for you and your farm.

Get in Touch

We love to talk KuneKunes so reach out to us.

Learning and Growing

Every day is a new adventure at M & H Homestead. No matter how old you are there is something new to learn when small-scale homesteading every day.

What we do:

Feed and Care for KuneKune Pigs

Raise Adorable KuneKune piglets

Produce Pork & Harvest Chickens

Gather Eggs

Hatch chicks

Raising KuneKune pigs and offering KuneKunes for sale.

KuneKune pigs are some of the most adorable animals I have ever encountered. I love that I can approach them, and rub their bellies, and they simply lay down, relax, and even fall asleep on me. They are friendly creatures that you can interact with, and the experience is utterly amazing.

Take Pride in feeding your family.

We will be offering farm raised KuneKune pork and processed chickens soon.

KuneKune boar in Ohio

KuneKune Pork

As our farm expands, we will offer succulent KuneKune pork for sale, known for its delicious pork.


Farm Raised Chicken

Coming soon will be offering hormone-free, antibiotic-free chicken available from free-range chickens.

It's a family farm.

It offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about nature, animals, and the value of hard work. It also provides a sense of responsibility and a connection to the land.

Living on a farm allows children to experience the cycle of life firsthand. They can witness the birth of baby animals, watch them grow, and eventually see them become a part of the food chain. This can teach children about the circle of life and the importance of respecting and caring for all living things.

The children love animals and are great socializers.

KuneKune pigs

Pictures are best enjoyed when they are shared.

M & H Homestead

Pigs- turkey-chicken-quails-

Eggs of all kind for sale


Phone: 419-601-5697

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